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Christian Interview With Robin Young on NPR's Here & Now

Christian recently recorded an interview with Robin Young for a segment on stand up paddling for the National Public Radio show Here & Now. The segment originally aired on the noon on Wednesday August 10th show at noon on NPR stations nation wide! It was really fun to do and even required a little bit of work to find someone with a land line to do the interview with Robin at WBUR in Boston. The funny part is that we actually ditched the land line in favor of my AT&T iPhone. For those of you who know Nantucket, AT&T has been horrific out here this summer... We talked SUP for a while and through the magic of radio they edited it all down to five minutes of fun. I don't know wether to be stoked or embarrsed but as my friend Eric from NJ pointed out after he listened to it, "You said gnarly on national radio." I cringed after I said the "G" word during the interview but I am now proud and pretty stoked to have said "gnarly" on NPR to a nationwide audience! Listen to the segment 'SUP With Stand-Up Paddling? from Wednesday's show online now!