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GoPro Stand Up Paddle Surfing Nantucket

If you are wondering what the GoPro cameras that we have in the store do, here is a short example. I shot this down at Ladies Beach in Nantucket during a clean little SW windswell that we had at the end of June. I was riding my custom 9'8" Shane Smith epoxy stand up paddle board with a an old wood paddle because I left my carbon surf paddle back in Manchester... doh! I usually ride this board as a thruster but had recently robbed the store before I left for Nantucket for the summer and got away with a set of the Gerry Lopez quads from Future Fins. The GL quad fins are incredible and have definitely added a different feel to my board that really works for me. They hold in well but can also get all loosey-goosey and enable you to let the tail drift. Anyways the GoPro Surf camera comes with a plate to mount on your board and you can get different accessories at Surfari to mount it on your helmet, paddle, wrist, chest etc. The GoPro is great fun for watching what you actually look like while you surf. As someone who has always been behind the lens shooting surfing it's fun to be able to see myself live and in the water!