New, Stand Up Paddling -

Naish Mana Air Video

Naish has a little video to introduce their new 2012 inflatable Mana Air stand up paddle board entitled Four People. Four Boards. One Car. The rest of us probably aren't cruising around in a Porsche on Maui with Robbie Naish driving but hey when you are doing a promo video you gots to do it up in style! If you live in a little apartment, have no garage space, are paranoid of getting a SUP stolen off of your car at the mall, need something compact to stow on a boat or want to cart it around with you on the plane for business trips, this is your board! I have yet to try one but I might have to give it a spin at the SUP pool at Surf Expo in January. If you have any interest in an inflatable Naish Mana Air stand up board, let us know and we can put it on order for you. [vimeo width="600" height="338" video_id="29016734"]