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Nantucket Stand Up Paddle Report

Incredible day of stand up paddling on Nantucket yesterday with Nantucket Surfari! Hit the dawn patrol, sunset session and everything in between. Waves started early this morn in the thigh to low chest range with offshores. We were able to get off surf lessons with Autism Speaks and a bachelorette party early morning just as it started to build with the incoming tide. Surf built into the chest to overhead range as the SSW swell filled in in the early afternoon. With light onshores, semi-glassy conditions and lessons canceled it was on for Surfari instructors and all the groms! Not just in the water but also on the beach as it was quickly disappearing under the surging tide. The masses were pressed up against the dunes at Ladies Beach and were treated to front row seats in the slaughter of innocent beach goers at the hands of a ferocious shore break. It was some of the gnarliest shore pound I've ever seen in my fifteen years on Nantucket... looked like Hawaiian shore break! Had to leave the beach for the calmer waters of the harbor for the Saturday night Pau Hana with the SUP stoked Valentina from L.A. Absolutely no wind and fabulous weather made the cruise of Nantucket's water front one to remember. We got to sit off the bows of two mega yachts on the face dock at Straight Wharf and watch the the gorgeous 170' schooner Meteor Med-moor. With all hands on deck it was an impressive operation to watch especially front water level on our stand up boards! Tore out of town at 7:30pm to spots down east  for the sunset session at an unmentionable sandbar and traded A-frames on my 9'8" quad with Mr. Infante. Smooth glassy conditions with overhead bomb still coming through... Time to do it all over again today! Until next time... Valentina stand up paddling Nantucket Harbor with Schooner Meteor