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New England Hurricane Surf Season

We are smack dab in the peak of another Atlantic hurricane season here in New England. That means that every surfer has their fingers crossed for swell after a miserable summer of Lake Atlantic.Right now we have the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee dumping rain on the northeast, TS Nate spinning up in the Gulf, TS Maria crossing the Atlantic, and the once powerful Hurricane Katia heading up the alley throwing swell to all corners of the East Coast including New England! hurricane katia stand up paddle surf new england If you are hanging around home surfing Katia here on the North Shore of Boston, heading north to exposed spots in Maine, or south to Rhode Island or the Islands for the big stuff, we have plenty of surf gear at Surfari for Hurricane season. Come by if you need a new or thicker leash or two, some wax, ding repair supplies or a new day bag to keep the bumps and bruises off your new semi-gun. We have a full array of men's and women's rubber from XCEL and O'neill. All spring suits are currently 20% off if you are headed south to warmer waters. We have back and chest zip 3mm full suits to take you through the start of fall. Boots and gloves are in to take the nip out of a dawn patrol or keep you in the water if  the water upwells and drops into the 50's again! O'neill 4/3 Mutants and Heats are in for the fall surf season with XCEL 4/3s arriving in the next week or two. Be safe, know your limits and be sure to catch lots of waves. Aloha!