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Oxbow Riders Make History at Pe'ahi

A massive north/northwest swell bombarded the North Shores of Hawai'i on Tuesday, March 15, 2011, providing 40-foot plus wave face heights at Pe'ahi Maui. Oxbow team riders Levi Siver, Jason Palokow and Kai Lenny tested their mettle and skills at Jaws, filming for the upcoming Oxbow Movie. While Polakow nearly escaped a rogue jet ski, Lenny made SUP history at Pe'ahi. "The waves were pretty solid," said Kai Lenny of the giant mountains of water at Pe'ahi. The 18-year-old, Maui native is the reigning Stand Up Paddle Surfing World Champion and is currently ranked first on the Waterman's League Stand Up World Tour. Lenny made history at Jaws by utilizing three different pieces of equipment to negotiate the 20-foot Hawaiian scale surf that day: SUP, windsurf and tow-in surfing. After seeing Shane Dorian paddle into a wave, Lenny thought Pe'ahi "looked manageable" and decided to SUP Jaws. "I knew I was going to catch a bomb because there was no way I was paddling out there and not catching a wave," said Lenny who rode an enormous wave at Pe'ahi on his Naish SUP that day. "It was pretty intense! It was the scariest session of my life and also the most fulfilling," said Lenny. "I never had a session where catching one wave made the entire day." It wasn't only about pushing the limits of SUP and filming at Jaws on Tuesday- there was plenty of carnage. Levi Siver and Jason Polakow made excellent use of the strong trade winds on Tuesday and were putting on an exhibition of world-class windsurfing. On one particular wave, Polakow was nearly hit by a personal watercraft that was caught by a massive wave. "I saw the ski having problems and the guy was yelling at me," said Polakow who is a former windsurfing world champion. "As I dropped down the face I saw him out of the corner of my eye diving off the ski. I new the ski was going to go over the falls, but I was already committed so I just had to try and get around before it came down on me." High-resolution video of the jetski narrowly missing Jason Polakow is available upon request. We always need to remember that Mother Nature provides us with a big, blue, beautiful playground, but we need to stay humble. Oxbow would like to extend its deepest sympathy and Aloha to Sion Milosky's family and friends. Milosky, 35, drowned while surfing Mavericks on Wednesday and is survived by his wife and two daughters. Milosky competed on the Oxbow World Longboard Tour and we appreciated his presence and surfing throughout his career. Milosky was also a close friend of Oxbow team rider and reigning ASP World Longboard Champ Duane DeSoto. To make a donation to the Milosky family in this tragic time click here. Aloha 'oe, Sion.