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SUP The Coast Beer Run

So I'm in the shop this morning cleaning a few things when I spy a woman with two small children walking in the door with a box in her hands. I was thinking to myself that it was a little weird. Even weirder was that upon closer inspection it was a case of Yuengling bottles. As she walked in the door she announced that this case of Yuengling was courtesy of Will Rich from SUP The Coast! Incredible! For those of you who don't know SUP The Coast, Will Rich and Mike Simpson embarked  from Key West, Florida on March 1st to stand up paddle up the East Coast to Portland, Maine. They are doing it to fulfill a dream of seeing the East Coast from the water but more importantly they are spreading awareness and raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project and SUP Cleanup. Along the way they are getting in more then their fair share of stand up paddling, new people, new places and even a little bit of fun... Please be sure to check out the following SUP The Coast links: Webpage: Blog: Tracking: SPOT Tracking Map Facebook: SUP-the-Coast Twitter: supthecoast Anyways I just got back from a weekend trip to Virginia Beach two weekends ago with my daughter to go pick up a third hand 18' carbon Bark race board (similar to what Will and Mike are paddling up the coast) and visit with my buddy and his family. On the drive home we stopped somewhere on the DELMARVA peninsula and stocked up with a couple cases of Yuengling Lager which you can't get in New England and which I took photos of for Facebook and Twitter. Yesterday morning while opening Surfari, I saw that Will and Mike were in the same general area of Maryland on their paddle north and jokingly suggested on Twitter,
@supthecoast Make sure to pick up a couple more cases of Yuengling. My stash is running low from when I picked up my Bark in VA last weekend
Will and Mike's response made me chuckle to myself and I thought nothing else of it while I continued on working on the computer,
@SUPSurfari they might be warm.
Needless to say the woman who walked in the shop door this morning with a case of Yuengling and blew my mind was Will Rich's sister Alana Horn just returning from visiting her brother in Maryland. Turns out that Alana was driving back north to Gloucester yesterday when Will saw my Tweet and called his sister to have her pick up and then hand deliver a case of beer. All this while paddling up the East Coast! A big Mahalo Nui Loa to Will and Mike for all the good work they are doing for the Wounded Warrior Project, SUP Cleanup and for spreading the SUP love! Also special thanks to Alana, Will and Mike for all their effort in getting me a case of greatest and oldest American beer! Good luck you guys and I will raise a cold Yuengling here at Surfari SUP & Surf tonight when I close and toast you... here's to fair winds and following seas! Yuengling Stand Up Paddle