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The Future Of Stand Up Paddling In New England

What will the future of stand up paddling bring here in New England and beyond? It started with SUP surfing and cruising and now everyone is getting involved! SUP fishing, SUP fitness, SUP yoga and SUP racing are but a few of the newly formed shoot offs of our exciting new sport. Here in New England there are a couple of race series/events including the Cape Cod Bay Challenge series, the Atlantic Paddle Board Association series, Paddle to The Point, and the Newport SUP Cup. There are also countless other races in the bays, harbors and rivers of New England that are making a stand up paddle division in already existing races. The beauty of stand up paddling is that anybody can do it, and that it is quick and easy to learn. That's probably one of the things that most horrifies traditional lay down paddle surfers... the thought that surf breaks will become over run with neophyte sweepers! Fortunately for the surfers most of these new converts to stand up will stay in the protected harbors, bays, rivers, and lakes with only a very small minority hitting the wild surf. In an interview with Evan Leong on, Mike Waltze talks about making his SUP movie That First Glide and also a little bit about where he thinks the future of stand up is headed. Where do you think SUP will be in 10 years? I think it will be huge…Here is how I look at it. There 2.5 million surfers in the US, all confined to coastal areas. There are 7.8 million Kayak paddlers. A lot of surfers are already moving towards SUP and when the Kayakers realize that the can get off their buts, get better exercise, and get that surfing sensation, even in flat water…well… it seems pretty obvious where the sport is headed. Stand up paddling definitely has some room to grow and with plenty of coastline and inland fresh water, New England is a region that is going to see a lot more janitors sweeping all that water in the near future.