Good Harbor Beach Gloucester Surf Report

Good Harbor Beach Gloucester Surf Report



SURF: Tiny lines in the shin to knee range. Clean early with light wind coming SSE onshore and adding some ruffle. Shop is open 10-6.

WIND: SSE 10-15
AIR: 68°
WATER: 64°
HIGH TIDE: 7:47am / 8:02pm
LOW TIDE: 1:21am / 1:36m
SUNRISE: 6:35am
SUNSET: 6:34pm

FORECAST: Tiny Sunday. SSE windswell bumps up a notch Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. Pray for surf!

TROPICS: After a pumping Tropical September we are now in a lull. No motion in the ocean. Pray for surf.


GLOUCESTER SHOP: New Pyzel Ghosts, Global Surf surfboards and Zap Skimboards in the shop along with O'Neill rubber for fall. We have 36", 42" and 45"Hydro Bodyboards back in stock but they won't last long. New Costa Sunglasses in stock! Half dozen New Ladyachtz Skateboards, FCS and Dakine accessories in store. We have Costa and Ray-Ban sunglasses fully stocked. New clothing and gear from Billabong, Prana, Sisstrevolution, Dakine, FCS and Futures. New Surfari T-shirts and shorts!

SURFING WITH COVID-19: Private surf lessons are available. We are currently renting surfboards and SUPs but not renting wetsuits. Surf your home break, now is not the best time to travel for waves. Try to surf alone or at an absolute minimum of six feet from other surfers. If a peak gets too crowded, paddle down the beach to find your own space even if the waves aren't as good. After you are done surfing, wear a mask while hanging out in the parking lot après surf to talk story. Please stay safe everyone! Here are the guidelines for Gloucester Beaches in the age of COVID-19.

CAPE ANN SURFERS UNION: Next step... meeting with DPW head Mike Hale and City Councilor Scott Memard to dial in a regulation change has been pushed back to spring 2021.