Kids Summer Stand Up Paddle Camp

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This summer KIDS ages 9-15 are welcome to join Surfari on the water in our new Kids Summer SUP Program. As everyone knows during the summer, “Life is better on the water!” In the program, kids will be given the opportunity to explore and experience a new world on the water via stand up paddling. Activities will include stand up paddle boarding, swimming, treasure hunting, games, eco-awareness, water safety, races, contests, and much more. Every day will be a new adventure determined by the wind, tides and our imagination.

The Surfari experience focuses on all aspects of stand up paddling and ocean awareness and is designed to teach the novice or build on the skills of the more seasoned paddler. Not only will you gain confidence in paddling technique and new SUP disciplines but also learn about ocean safety, boating rules of the road, meteorology, care of equipment, and much more. Kids are able to access all the different styles and sizes of stand up boards from our large fleet to help them grow as paddlers as they develop their skills. See the Kids Summer SUP Program page for moe information.